The adapter has had the HIGHEST INTEREST in these first weeks and we are delighted with the acceptance it has had in the world of swimming.

Some clubs have already RESERVED theirs to take advantage of the DISCOUNT that exists until the end of the month. Other clubs are looking for financing to get theirs.

It has been shocking to see the need for such a product. When speaking with several clubs and federations, we have decided to design an APPROVED VERSION for competitions.

This version has several design changes necessary to be approved which we have not yet finalized. From InnovaNat we intend that the price of this new model remains AFORDABLE, but there are still too many unknowns to reveal the final price.

We believe that there are interested people who have not written to us yet and we encourage you to write to us, even if it is to RECEIVE A BUDGET or tell us why the ADAPTER DOES NOT ADJUST THE NEEDS.

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