Shipping policy

Shipping costs

All our products have a specific shipping cost.

This shipping cost is calculated by a zone of influence; For example, European Union Shipping.

Shipping costs are calculated through arithmetic computing taking into account several possible destinations in the area of ​​influence.

The cost varies by item and quantity and can be seen on the payment screen.

Shipping costs are nonnegotiable, and the buyer covers them, both in the order and in the possible return.

Shipping costs will be refundable in the case of cancellations. A cancellation must be made before 5 business days have elapsed from the time of order.

About Customs

Customs costs imposed by the country to which the order is sent will be paid by the buyer. InnovaNat will not reimburse the cost of an order for customs reasons that will be, in all cases, settled by the buyer. InnovaNat products will be exported with HS code 9506.99.90 or with HS code 9506.99.55 if imported from United States.

Remote Technical Service

The customer has 2 weeks from the delivery of the order to contact InnovaNat about technical issues of the product; installations, assembly, etc.

After these two weeks, InnovaNat does not undertake to offer technical service for free.